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Let's have a view of our Rooms !

Our assets are calm and clean rooms, high quality service and genuine hospitality. Total 20 people is the capacity of the Lodge.

Barzok House Rooms - Abi (Blue)

"Abi" - Blue

Barzok House Rooms - Ghali (Carpet)

"Ghali" - Carpet

Barzok House Rooms - Baalakhooneh (Upstairs)

"Baalakhooneh" - Upstairs

Barzok House Rooms - Shatoot (Blackberry)

"Shatoot" - Blackberry

Barzok House Rooms - Sara


Barzok House Rooms - Sara , Pastoo

"Sara" , "Pastoo"

Barzok House Rooms - Sara


As we placed in a mountaineering area, the weather is acceptable during the hot seasons and we have no cooling equipment.

But we have cold days in winter and if you are interested in winter activities and experience “Korsi”, Barzok House is a right place for you.

As the outside is very cold, all rooms are warm with gas heating equipment.

We are a home for your unforgettable time and experiences !