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Barzok House Eco-lodge

Welcome to Barzok House

Barzok House is one of the most green and calm resorts, located in mountaineering area of Kashan.

Rooms - Barzok House

Calm and Clean Rooms

Barzok House has 5 lovely rooms. They have private bathroom, comfortable room with matrimonial, double or triple beds.

Fresh Local Food - Barzok House

Fresh Local Food

The most admired and delicious dishes. Pure enjoyment !

Your personal paradise - Barzok House

Your Personal Paradise

Here is a home for your unforgettable time and best camera pictures !

Great on all seasons - Barzok House

Great on All Seasons !

Barzok is so beautiful in all seasons. Views of nature will be amazing and here is too calm to spend your weekend.

Upon your arrival you will feel yourself at your home.

” Nature is not a place to visit, It is Home “

You Will Love Barzok !

Barzok House is the unique place for those who are interested in a quiet life, distant from crowds and noise.