Sara Room

Sara room is a room left over from history, maybe from the late Safavid era and maybe the early Qajar era.
The house itself consists of three nested spaces. A room with a small hallway leading to the main section, and a room that is only accessible via a wooden ladder. We call the sum of these three spaces the “Sara” room.
Here is both good for a family gathering and has a suitable and exciting atmosphere for children.

Balakhune Room

Great choice for a relaxing vacation for families with children or a group of friends. This huge triple room features one queen-size bed and 1 single bed. Also, there can be 3 single beds in a room for up to 3 people.

Large triple rooms are located on the first floor and have an awesome Aegean sea view, large windows and a lot of space inside. You are also able to upgrade your room to an upper floor. The rooms on the second floor come with a balcony and 2 comfortable chairs there.

The room is also supplied with a makeup mirror and chair. In-room safe is also available for your convenience.

The bathroom is equipped with a bathtub or shower, ground floor tiles and hairdryer. Smoking in rooms is allowed.